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Calllll The Shops


Before you read ANY further, call your local comics shop and tell them you’d like NINJAK #2 from Valiant, because today is Final Order Cutoff for stores. Oh hey, while you’ve got that charming store clerk on the phone or email, you might want to mention as well that Doc Shaner and I did a story in the Aquaman 80th Anniversary Special. Also you can request variants, so my urging would be to go with the Ramona Fradon cover, as she’s one of the greatest artists to ever grace the medium and is back making more beautiful work. She drew the book in the 50's and still rules the seas.

But wait, Michael Cho also did an amazing one! This is tough. Get both. I’m also excited there’s a Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez cover in there, but Mera’s stabbing a shark on it which just feels wrong to me. I also spy Kevin Nowlan, they really went all out for this book!

Okay, thanks for calling the retailers, much appreciated! It’s been great seeing the reviews come in for issue 1 and there’s no reason to lose any steam. The more sales, the more Javier Pulido and I get to do storytelling you can only get from comics. That’s really the entirety of what I meant to do in this newsletter- no, wait- I also wanted to add another short story to the new FICTION section but the next prose thing I started writing turned out to want to be much longer and now I’m not sure what its final form will be. I may try to do a very fast Flash-Fiction piece this month so that section has two offerings. Perhaps it will simply be a group of good friends sitting around a table, opening with one saying “Ha, can you believe we’re all Vampires now? Look at us.”

Other news: my home base studio, the collective HELIOSCOPE is returning to hustle AND bustle as all members are vaccinated, and we’ve just added two stellar talents: Dave Stewart who has colored most beloved comics of the last 20 years, and Todd Herman, who is excellent but seriously needs a web page. Oh well, he’ll get a section of the studio site. It will be very good to have another place to bike to and work during the week.

That's it for today, unless you want this to continue on to literally shift gears and talk about what I know you're really here for: Bicycle Maintenance. That special hot info is available to subscribers of the NEWSLETTER.

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