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Silent knight

We're in between holidays here in the States, so tomorrow I'm heading up to the fulfillment warehouse to sign several copies of BLIGHTER, which is landing in homes all over the planet right now. And, I'll finally be able to hold a copy! If you missed the Kickstarter and still want one, I believe the link to get a copy is still live, do it now and it should go out pretty fast!

Next week kicks off a month of weekly comics, A Christmas Event, if you will, that finally tell the truth about Batman, Santa and The Krampus: SILENT KNIGHT with artist Michele Bandini! So that's every week you can go to the shop and pick up an issue, possibly to stuff in a loved one's stocking (comics fit perfect in them). This has been a blast to write, and see designs by Dan Mora (SHAZAM) come in. I contributed some designs too, I'll show my crude versions here or at my Bluesky account.

Allow to reiterate that point at the beginning of this letter: You can still order a copy of my new graphic novel with Drew Moss BLIGHTER right now, like in the next 24 hours, and if you never read my original GN THE INTERMAN, you can add that on too! I jumped right to Silent Knight because I didn't want to miss putting that cool cover up at the top of my page this week, but these are the two books you can't find in many stores at the moment. I'm very proud of these books and think you may enjoy them. I drew Interman as well, but in Blighter I did draw an epilogue to make sure I hadn't forgotten how. It made me want to draw more animal people in fancy attire.

EXCELLENT, I FORGOT TO MENTION ONE OF THE MAIN THINGS I WANTED TO PUT IN HERE- but hey, thanks Edit Feature. Good thing I led with Batman. I just did a long discussion with Declan Shalvey about our time on THUNDERBOLTS! If you like creators babbling on about process and trying to remember what they were thinking a decade ago, you are in luck today, friend.

Also, I was remiss in posting at Halloween because things got very busy here with my best four legged buddy needing treatment, and I didn't give those few fans of GORLAK a current update. This year I got clay foam and finally built out his face and covered it in Plasti-Dip, so now we clearly see he is an aquatic visitor from the stars. He still needs painting and I want to make him some matching hands and feet, but he looks pretty good when yelling at kids to enter the portal to his homeworld and take some candy. I'm going to eventually do a long post showing the whole process of how he's evolved.

That's enough for your inbox today, I hope to hear from some of you about any of the books I've mentioned, saying fun things like "I own it now, it is mine," and so forth. Also, NEGADUCK is still on stands each month for those who like Darkwing Duck but prefer him to be EVIL. I feel like this has you covered. I'll try to do one more whole update before 2023 is over, start placing bets now!


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