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Negaduck Lands

Oh well- though I've imagined many posts with news and tips, apparently I haven't actually posted AT ALL THIS YEAR. Still a few months left though! This week the big story is the arrival of NEGADUCK #1 from Dynamite Entertainment, written by me and drawn by Ciro Cangialosi. Here's a boo'ful cover by Josh Middleton.

It's fun to stare at. My other news is that next week I'll be appearing at the Rose City Comicon in Portland, Oregon. Saturday and Sunday only! Because I had something to do Friday that I forgot about. Come by table C-05 and trick me into drawing or signing something. I had hoped the BLIGHTER graphic novels would arrive in time but it looks like they're due to hit the port in California a week or so later- sure would have been nice to have copies : ( . But I'll have other books and be willing to talk about Negaduck or the upcoming DC Christmas 4-part event, SILENT NIGHT drawn by Michele Bandini and colored by Alex Sinclair.

I can't think of a handy/repair tip at the moment. I'm going to try to squeeze in more posts through the end of the year to balance out things, so there'll be something. Halloween is coming, that always makes me post. Keep watching this space!

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