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Welcome back to the newsletter where the biggest news is usually that I have finally sent another newsletter! I will try to do this more often, especially if Twitter implodes. Some of you will also be getting a Kickstarter update from me about BLIGHTER later this week too, a pretty thrilling time for your inbox. I should mention that Ben Dewey and I are about halfway through our Vampirella: Mindwarp series, in comics shops now, see Ben absolutely show off his visual mayhem. Bonus- Jonathan Case variant covers! Today though, I come bearing science fiction.

In my ongoing quest to try my hand at quick flash-fiction stories, I have again spent much more time and ended up with a normal-sized short story. It deals with the encompassing subject of our existence, the Climate Crisis, so I should have realized I wasn't going to make a poem of it. A "scope" issue, if you will. It also addresses a possible First Contact with extra-terrestrials, so it's a wonder it's not a novel. And I admit, if a publisher comes along paying for either the story or to continue it in book form, this page of my Fiction section will vanish so fast you'll question whether you ever even saw it. It will somehow not be searchable in your mail app either. Because as soon as I finished I immediately made several notes on what would follow in this alien end-times story.

Special thanks to Steve Lieber for being the early reader/editor for this, look on his many links ye mighty, and despair. I hope you enjoy ALIENS WILL NOT SAVE US.

Note: The Alien in the story does not resemble my good friend Gorlak from the past two Halloweens. But look, he's now much more finished, mostly only waiting for more skin treatment and painting on his conquest-minded noggin.

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