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The Final hours!

Wow. A whole month has blown by since I announced the BLIGHTER kickstarter and it's been A Ride. Many of my amazingly talented friends contributed art to the campaign (top tuxedo pic is by Dan Schkade) and as of tonight, over 834 people have backed the book that Drew Moss and I are making. I had wild hopes we would make it all the way to 35K because it's a fairly long story, but there's now less than 12 hours to go. The Project completes at 9 AM Pacific, Thursday!

If you haven't checked it out or were waiting to pledge, please go now because that counter is rolling fast. We still have some cool art tiers: Marc Laming, who I worked with on King's Watch but you might know him from many STAR WARS books, is offering a commission of your choice, and so is former lead designer for Blur Studio Chuck Wojtkiewicz-- as well as another of my big-deal studio-mates from the NC days, Richard Case! All offer character of choice, Marc's will be big and inked, Chuck's will be one of his marker masterpieces, and Rich will be doing a watercolor piece and you don't have to ask him for a Doom Patrol character but it is kind of their day in the sun again with the tv show, isn't it? All of those links are to my Twitter where I put up some of their originals.

There are also a few original pieces for tiers! Michael McKone did this fantastic little painting yesterday with liquid watercolors...

Boy that lad can paint. Okay, moving on, I was about to announce the inked drawing of Arvi from our book that Declan Shalvey live-tweeted tonight, and it sold while I was posting this McKone pic! That leaves- if nothing else boomerangs back, which does happen- a page from Robin #95 that I drew and was hanging onto because I liked my Killer Croc but decided to stop hoarding my art like I can't simply draw some more.

Speaking of drawing, it's a running joke that I never do it because I started out in comics as an artist, but the past couple of weeks I have been doing some two-panel strips on my Twitter account called Walkies, I think because drawing my dog would get my mind off the campaign for a while. Here's one, and if you search through my twitter feed with the hashtag #walkies you'll find the rest, if you're into things that should be delightful but are often tragic.

This is one of the cheerier ones! I'm not doing a new strip for tomorrow because the Kickstarter finish line is draining me and I want them to be good. I hope you read this in time to look it over, many of you have already pledged and I'm extremely grateful. This is two posts where I dodged out of mechanical advice so I promise I'll do that in the next one. I might try to post again before Halloween with a process piece of a prop I'm making for that night.

Now, go work on your costumes and pumpkins and pledges! Good Day! JP

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