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Free story!

A.A. Milne's classic Winnie The Pooh is now in the public domain, so naturally someone has made a slasher movie based on it. This reminded me that I did a gangster story with the beloved characters of my youth back in 2005 in the Image anthology Four-Letter Worlds. You'll have quite a time trying to find a copy now (though maybe at my table at the Rose City Comic Con this weekend) so I'm going to put it here, this site needs more free stories. I do have another short story coming to the Fiction section soon, too. I really meant to do this after seeing the Ewan McGregor Christopher Robin film. Mine probably falls in the middle of the stories, tonally. This all gives away the premise which was tucked further within the comics story, but you're all clever enough to have picked up on it immediately anyway.

As much as I love Disney's featurettes compiled in The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh, the best is still Milne's original books with illustrations by E.H. Shephard. That's where you get the greatest character, EEYORE, in his true form. He's not depressed, he's biting and sarcastic and hilarious. Also none of the characters are particularly sweet or inspirational as you see in recent Disney works, they're all largely self-absorbed and it's so much better.

So here's my bear, not to be confused with any other revisionist stuffed animal takes or TV shows about stressful restaurant work.


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