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new spyBook action alert

Today at SCREENRANT I talk with Liam McGuire about the new NINJAK series that the mighty Javier Pulido and I are doing at Valiant, coming in July.

That's a snippet of Caspar Wijngaard's variant cover above, there's also a cover by Javier and a lengthy preview- the opening scene of issue 1 in the article. This series was originally going to hit last year and then of course the whole world was put on hold, but it gave us more time to lavish on the project. Javier got to color his work which makes it stand out even more than usual.

New Additions: I finally did another newsletter which quickly gets off track and is more about me doing shop talk, and I wrote a short story that you can find in the new FICTION section. I'm also half-vaccinated, so keep an eye on the Events section for when I'm ready to face the also-vaccinated public! This year is getting more interesting by the week.

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