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<--The crack team managing this new website.

I'm BACK, in online form. Thanks to all who regularly checked in at the long-running
Parkerspace, but I let that WordPress theme go too many times without updating and it became a wheezing abomination, impossible to host. So that's a good year or so of no one knowing what I'm working on if not following me on Twitter. Fist pump, end zone dance.

But that's all behind us now! I'm pushing my work in new directions and you'll hear more about it here. Or I'll go on about some old bike I've decided to work on, or something I've managed to find at a yard sale. I swear it will get back to storytelling at some point. Like say, how I'm going to be at Emerald City ComicCon at the beginning of March, and hope to see many of you in Seattle. I won't be tabling but I will be doing signings and panels, detailed in the EVENTS section of this site. It's up there in the header.

I've also added a NEWSLETTER for you hardcore got-to-know types, so we can really take it back to the 90's. In addition to news about a book or podcast or whatever, I'll be including some useful content- like how I used to put up free scripts for process junkies to read. Now you'll get that for only the small price of your soul- an email address (which I won't share or abuse). These will probably be how we plan the revolution, so subscribe.
The best part of this is, now that there's an easy way to find me, I can finally take Facebook far out into the field and put it down humanely. We need to stop experiencing the internet through filters that strip all credit from creators and track us for marketing, manipulate our votes, steal our energy, etc.. Clearly the solution is stopping by this website once a week.

Thank you for coming by, blogbuds.

– Parker

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